pilates is the most effective and safe method of strengthening the deep muscles of the body

As a result of exercise, the body will become fit and flexible for many years, tension and a feeling of stiffness will go away
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If you are faced with chronic pain or other difficult cases, then my unique method will help you.
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The history of Pilates
The Creator of Pilates
Pilates takes its name from Joseph Pilates. A German-born emigré to Britain and then America, he devised the Pilates method as a new approach to exercise and body-conditioning in the early decades of the last century.
World War I and the Development of Pilates
On the outbreak of World War I, Joseph used his time as an internee to start developing a new approach to exercise and body-conditioning – the start of what is known today as Pilates. In its early incarnation the Pilates reformer was shaped like a sliding bed and used springs as resistance.
The First Pilates Studio
In 1923, Pilates moved to America. He opened his first studio in New York.
His new method was an instant hit, particularly among dancers. They found the Pilates method the best way both to recover from injuries and to prevent their recurrence.
Pilates Returning to Britain
The Pilates method did not return to Britain until 1970. Brought back to this country by Alan Herdman. Herdman had been asked by the London School of Contemporary Dance to visit New York and investigate the methods of Joseph Pilates.
Pilates on a reformer for a healthy and fit body
Pilates classes on a special simulator are aimed at deep muscle development and a comprehensive healing effect
Warm up
Gentle warm-up to feel and understand body movements on the machine
Main part
A well-structured sequence of exercises activates the whole body with an emphasis on the abs, back and buttocks
We perform movements in different positions, thanks to which we learn to truly feel our body
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